board of directors

Our board comprises local High Point leaders including Barry Kitley–Chair, Deena Samuel–Vice Chair, Marilyn Nowell–Secretary, James McNeil–Treasurer, Leslie Culp, Allen Young, Cindy Farmer, Morgan Qubein and Jeremy Hiatt as directors on the board.

In 2017, when the board was formed, the members met with young parents, school leaders, civic organizations and local children to learn what High Point wanted in a children’s museum. Members also visited children’s museums across the country to get a keen understanding of what makes a children’s museum successful, interactive and fun. The board selected a talented and innovative exhibit design firm, Argyle from Brooklyn, New York. The Argyle team has visited High Point, listened to our community and provided a design that weaves in traditional play areas with new and creative ways for children to learn that will only be found in High Point.


Board of Directors

Barry Kitley Barry Kitley

Barry Kitley
Chairman of the Board

Deena Samuel Deena Samuel

Deena Samuel
Vice Chairman of the Board

Marilyn Congdon Marilyn Congdon

Marilyn Congdon

James McNeil James McNeil

James McNeil

Leslie Culp Leslie Culp

Leslie Culp

Morgan Qubein

Allen Young Allen Young

Allen Young

Jeremy Hiatt Jeremy Hiatt

Jeremy Hiatt

Cindy Farmer Cindy Farmer

Cindy Farmer